Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Sopranos Episode #68 - MAYHAM

It looks like Tony has woken from his Junior-induced perma-slumber and will be with us again in reality rather than in parallel universe dream format. Thank God. I started imagining having to experience T as only his yuppie dream dude version, and what a long season that would have been. But now he's up again! Sitting in a chair in a stupor, but he's up! Christopher wasted no time in telling him that he was back in the "movie" business, and that Tony "owed" him this one because of Adrianna. He just better hope T was too out of it to understand, or he may himself become the zombie-mob-dude-super=hero of his new slasher film.

Great opening for a the show this week with Paulie and a henchman knocking over a mony laundering operation. Fearless and gruesome is Mr. Walnuts. He's one guy I would never turn my back on. Scary goomba.

What's with Tony's other sister ( I don't even know her name) and her husband making these one-liner appearances? I can't help but wonder that maybe Chase is setting up a season finale where the whole Soprano pod gets wiped out. First he needs to bring them all home, which now he has done. Maybe it will be a suicide bomber on a family cruise reunion, or maybe Meadow will marry Fin and a jealous latent homosexual Vito will have the entire clan gunned down, just as they all sit down for the antipasto. We'll just have to see.

Speaking of Vito and his newly found fame on the show. I love it. His dieting and weight loss make good funny moments on the show. Just watching him sit their and devour that bag of baby carrots was great. You just know that one of these days he's going to break down and heat a gallon of Hagen Dazs.

Carmela continues to amaze. She gets all the best writing in the script. Her scene with Melfi was the highlight of the episode. She sees that now her children must suffer, and it may be what turns her against Tony himself.

Christopher! You want to write a screenplay. Why do it like all those other suffering schmucks in La La Land. Just extort an old drug addict screen writer gone straight and have a meeting! Nice one and very funny!

Poor Silvio. He just couldn't handle the pressure. I wonder if we'll see him much for the rest of the season. I'll miss the man with the plastic hair.

Until next week.... Watch your Back.

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