Monday, March 13, 2006

Foothill's URINETOWN is a Gas

Jay Manley worked his magic again in Foothill's winter show and staged a hugely entertaining version of URINETOWN - The Musical. The show closed on Sunday so if you missed it your out of luck. Everything about it was top notch, from the opening number to the end when the whole cast cries out, "Hail Malthus!". (Malthus was some dude a long time ago who posited that it's useless for the poor to rise up because they'd fail anyway, or something like that. ) And, because Urinetown isn't just like any other musical, in the end, it fully agrees with Malthus. It's odd that you find yourself happy and laughing at this news.

I can't say enough about this cast. The energy, talent, vocal precision and acting chops that they all showed was truly inspiring. Of course, Cathy's musical and vocal direction was wonderful. I even noticed the cast giving a tongue in cheek nod to her "DICTION!" pet peeve. Near the end of the show I heard a couple of unnamed cast members utter a few "ground-uhs". Tyler's choreography was stellar as always. The dance number in "Snuff that Girl" and its tribute to "Cool" in "West Side Story" brought the audience to a near frenzy.

Thank you all so much for giving us this wonderful gift. It's exciting to have so many talented friends.

Prediction: This show will sweep those Theatre Bay Area Critics Awards next year or I'm The Bunny.

P.S. - It's now official: SHANE Olbourne is a triple threat.

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  1. Rev. T.R. Malthus merely said that food production grows linearly and population grows exponentially: The poor dead guy has been abused for everything from Urinetown to eugenics.