Monday, November 12, 2012

Two Shows, Two Slices of Life

I am now finishing up with one of the most demanding times of my life. Being somewhat out of my mind, I decided to both direct a play and rehearse and perform in a musical, at the same time. I always knew I could do it, the problem I was having was the concern that I wouldn't be able to direct the play, The Real Thing by Tom Stoppard, with the commitment that this show requires. I was concerned mostly about letting down the actors, who were all excited about the project. It turns out that my worries were unnecessary in that the show has been a huge success. What I learned from the whole experience is that those of us who obsess with getting things "right" sometimes spin our wheels doing unnecessary work just so that we feel like we're doing something useful. The bottom line is that I simply didn't have time to do anything other than what was absolutely necessary to make sure that the story was being told well and with heart. The set is simple, the costumes are simple, the props are basic. Fortunately, I had the help of a top notch lighting designer, Ed Hunter, who made our stage look beautiful. I did spend a lot time on the sound. But mostly, I concentrated on the acting, collaborating with the immensely talented company of actors that I was fortunate enough to find. It's been quite a ride and a great learning experience.

The Cast of "The Game Show Show"
The Game Show Show at The Retro Dome
Michael Champlin & Carla Pauli
Michael Champlin & Carla Pauli in The Real Thing