Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mrs. Warren's Profession Directors Note

Diane Tasca & Rosie HallettI just finished directing the great Shaw play at The Pear Avenue Theatre. I just thought I'd share the note I wrote for the program.

From the Show Program...

There is a figure that inhabits the Egyptian wing of The Louvre in Paris called, The Seated Scribe. It was sculpted by an unknown artist sometime between 3800 and 1710 B.C. It simply depicts an Egyptian scribe sitting crossed – legged, holding a partially rolled papyrus scroll in his left hand. His right hand must have held a brush, now missing. If you were spending a day racing around The Louvre, you could easily just pass it by. However, if this scribe happened to catch your eye as you were hurrying off to see the Mona Lisa, you might just be stopped in your tracks. What appeared, from a distance to be rather ordinary, may suddenly move you to the very core of your being. For this little scribe has eyes that seem to look through you. His eyes penetrate your walls of pretense. All at once you see that he sees you, really sees you, and you become captivated, unable to look away. You might even stay there for an hour or so just staring in wonder. And so it is with Mrs. Warren's Profession. The more you hear the words spoken through the voices of talented actors, the longer they work their way into your mind, you realize that you have had the good fortune of being forever changed by something universally human and infinitely wise.

The show runs through July 15th.