Thursday, May 22, 2008

Look! “Creatively staged” Northanger Abbey is a hit at the Pear!

Diane Tasca, the Pear's Artistic Director, has written a fabulous adaptation to Jane Austen's, Northanger Abbey. It's playing at The Pear Avenue Theatre through June 8th. I haven't seen it yet, but it looks like people are loving it.

Below is what Director, Rebecca Ennals, has to say about audience enthusiasm for this remarkable show.

"Reviews are coming in for “Northanger Abbey” at the Pear Ave. Theatre, and they’re great! We’ve heard from the San Jose Metro, KQED, and, most importantly, the audience.
  • “Throughout the play, the audience is treated to energetic, physical performances by the actors that go far beyond mere blocking. At times, the cast is called upon to dance, speaking their lines as they twirl, lock elbows, and promenade. Indeed, the entire play feels like a work of choreography, which makes it a delight to the eye… The stars of the show, though, are Austen's words, and the way in which Ennals has chosen to frame and illuminate them.” – Ben Marks, KQED

  • “The Pear's gleeful creativity, under director Rebecca J. Ennals, brings out the youthful humor of the book in which 22-year-old Austen poked fun at Gothic novels like Ann Radcliffe's Mysteries of Udolpho Ennals turns the production's sparse set and multipurpose cast into a source for comedy… Austen is meant to be sipped on a lazy afternoon, and this cast has the charm to make a pleasant sipping tea.” – Marianne Messina, SJ Metro (don’t read the whole review if you haven’t seen the show, too many spoilers!)

  • “I went last night with my husband, 14 year old daughter, and 12 year old son, and we all loved it. It was funny, engaging, and the acting was superb. We highly recommend this performance!” – Mary from Menlo Park, posted on

  • “Extra Kudos to the most creative staging I have seen in forever, the choices made were fresh and fun, both simple and complex at the same time, and were so intricately woven into the script, and all the other technical designs.” – Susannah from San Jose, posted on

I am so proud of this show and this cast, and I really want you to come! The Pear tends to sell out, so get your tickets early – we’re sold out for tonight and getting close for later dates. My production of Arcadia sold out the whole run there last year, including added shows, and we can’t extend. We run Thursdays-Sundays through June 8 – visit The Pear Web Site for tickets and details."

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