Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cheney Shoots Hunting Partner with Shotgun

Left - Terrorist Quails - Please contact the
Department of Homeland Security if you
spot these evil doers.

Actually, I heard from one of my sources, that he had intellingence that said there were some terrorists in quail costumes in the area.

Cheney accidentally shoots hunting partner

"...When spotting what he thought were quail the VP laid out a barrage of rounds he called his “shock and awe” method...."

"Over the Tavern" so long...

The show closed last night. What a great, fantastic experience it was. We had the most responsive audience of the run last night. That's a very nice way to close a show.

It was nice to see my friend MARTIN ROJAS-DIETRICH in the audience. His fantastic laughter helped loosen up the entire audience. Thanks Martin!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

IFILM - Music Videos: David Hasselhoff: Hooked on a Feeling -

IFILM - Music Videos: David Hasselhoff: Hooked on a Feeling -

I love it when celebrities like David Hasselhoff and William Shatner recognize the fact that most of their "public" sees them as "cheese". Rather than be poor sports about the whole thing, they embrace it and take their cheese to new heights. Watch this video and you will see what I mean.