Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Support ROMEO & JULIET at the Omni Commons

Support ROMEO & JULIET at the Omni Commons 


I can tell you that this will be an amazing show. Please help them meet their goal. Every little bit helps.


Director: Maryssa Wanlass*
Stage Manager: Michael Truman Cavanaugh*
Instigator / Rabble Rouser: Caitlyn Louchard
Fight Director: Carla Pantoja
Dramaturg / Oracle: Nick Medina
Marketing Wizard: Melissa Nigro
Juliet: Beth Wilmurt
Romeo: Caitlyn Louchard
Friar Lawrence: Lizzie Calogero*
Nurse: Michael Patrick Gafney*
Mercutio: Kelli Crump*
Tybalt: Melissa Ortiz*
Lady Capulet: Carla Pantoja*
Lord Capulet: Mary Baird*
Peter: Phil Wong
Paris: Rotimi Agbabiaka*
Friar John / Abraham: Alexis Wilson
Benvolio: Maria Marquis
Prince: Jesse Caldwell*
*Member, Actor's Equity Association
Romeo & Juliet is a tale of love's triumph over violence and fear; Shakespeare distills this down to its archetypal essence. Kind of a big deal, right? 
We are a motley band of professional actors eager to make really killer theatre. For free. For you. 

What We're Raising and Why 

  • $10,000 to pay all 16 artists on the team. Not a luxurious sum, but a very modest compensation for their time. Because we all have rent to pay and mouths to feed. And because artists work so flipping hard.
  • This is a free offering to the public! We are asking for gifts from those who can give, so that everyone can come to the theatre, regardless of income. 
  • Anything raised over the goal will be split with the Oakland Omni Commons.
  • And hey! March 27th and 28th are benefit performances for the Omni: any donations received at that performance will be give to the Omni so they can keep the lights on and the doors open for all of Oakland.

      No Cash? That's OK!

      • Spread the word! Share Share Share.
      • COME SEE THE PLAY! Bring a friend, bring ten friends! Bring your grandmother and her dog. Bring your neighbor and that guy you met at the laundromat. Come. Celebrate. Enjoy.

      Slicing it Up

      I will be for the first time in a few years, acting in Pear Slices at The Pear Avenue Theatre. Pear Slices is a series of one act plays written by members of the theatre's playwright's guild. It's a lot of fun for both actors and audience alike. So happy to be slicing it up once again.

      The show runs from March 15th through April 5th, 2015

      Get tickets here. Don't miss it!
      Stephanie Crowley and Warren C. Daily in Pear Slices 2015
      photo by Ray Renati

      Friday, February 06, 2015

      Harold Pinter's BETRAYAL at the Pear Avenue Theatre

      This had been perhaps the most challenging play I have directed in the past 12 years.

      I am so proud of the actors in this production. 

      They create magic each and every night.