Friday, March 10, 2006

24 on Fox - Great but Ridiculous

I am totally hooked on the Fox program "24". I have been since season one. A number of people I have talked to hate the show because the premise is so stupid. There in no way in hell that so much could happen in the space of 24 hours. Or perhaps, only in hell could it happen, not on this planet.

Anyway, here are some little observations I made from last weeks show.

  1. President Logan has 3 piercings in his left ear! Near the end of the two hour episode when Martha (the first lady) was forgiving him for having written her death warrant, you could clearly see them. They tried to cover them up with make-up, but were not successful. The actor's name is Gregory Itzin. Guess what? He received theatrical training at The American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, where he also was a company member. That explains it. He's from the CITY! He must be a wack job. I'm kidding of course, being from San Francisco myself. But come on!! A middle aged President of the United States with earrings!! We can understand blow-jobs in the white house, but not earrings. NO WAY. In the photo you can see a photo of Mr Itzin with his earrings in. He seems to be pointing at them, in fact.
  2. How many times can one guy get his head nearly blown off and recover in a few hours? Com on!! Last season Tony Almeida got shot in the neck and nearly died. He recovered within a few hours and turned into an X-Man. Now this season, he gets the whole frickin' left side of his head smashed, and he wakes up a few hours later ready to go on a rampage. What a stud!
  3. They killed my favorite character! Edgar Styles, played by Louis Lombardi is dead! The poor schmuck just missed getting into the sealed up "situation room" in time to avoid the lethal nerve gas. We could see him fall to his death through the windows of the said room. Well, actually he didn't really fall. He sort of knelt down. The poor guy weighs about 400 lbs. so falling is not really an option. Damn, I liked him. He was on a few episodes of the Sopranos in seasons past. Maybe they'll bring him back and then wack him there too.
  4. I am so happy that Lynn McGill (aka Sean Astin, aka Sam from 'Lord of the Rings') seems to be meeting his demise. What an ass this guy is. Good acting Sean!
  5. Kim is back. O well. At least she looks good.
  6. Robocop is the head bad dude!! Yes, Peter Weller is back and he's bad, maybe. We'll have to wait and see. But when Jack shot his wife in the leg to get the guy to talk, that was a little much. He says, "she'll be able to walk again, don't worry, I shot her above the knee cap!" What a guy, that Jack. He shot her above the knee cap. Good 'ole Jack.

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  1. i never watched it until a friend lent me the dvd - now im totally hooked!

    kmj -