Monday, April 10, 2006

The Sopranos - Episode 70 - Mr. and Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request..

It looks like actor Joe Gannascoli who plays Vito Spatafore better start looking for another acting gig. He's going to lose another 100 lbs. due to starvation if he doesn't start selling more of his line of pasta sauce. Poor Vito was discovered at a gay night club by a couple of wise guys collecting their weekly envelope. So our buddy Vito grabs his pistol and puts himself up in a hotel out in the boondocks somewhere. Looks like he's contemplating giving himself a little lead poisoning. Within the next couple of weeks he's either going to have meet his maker by his own hand, or by one of T's crew. No way in hell they can let a fruity boss stay above ground. It's not in the job profile.

I love the way that every time Dr. Melfi gives T any actual practical advice, he uses it to improve his “business” relationships. This time she told him that if he's afraid of looking weak, to remember that people only see in us, what we let them see. So, T, being the quick study that he is, goes out and beats the holy crap out of his new body guard just to remind the jackals who's boss. If Melfi actually ever found out how many people have been killed and maimed because of her wisdom, she'd have to turn herself in as an accessory to murder and mayhem.

Does Christopher have an I.Q. of a turnip or what? His stupidity is hilarious. Last week it was his logical conclusion that dinosaurs and people could not have coexisted because that means Adam and Eve would have been chased around paradise by wild T Rex-s. This week he tells T that his idea to bring someone in from Naples to perform the hit on the Mayor of Munchkinland, was a pussy ass idea. Then he brings up one of the themes from THE GODFATHER that T must have agreed to doing the hit for Johnny because of the wedding. Only T had to remind Christopher that he had it backward. It was Johny Sack that wouldn't be able to refuse giving the favor. Christopher always has considered himself an expert on THE GODFATHER films. So, this was quite a riot.

One of my favorite little moments in the show was when A.J.s date at the wedding said she doesn't eat fish because of the “toxins”. This she said as she was taking a drag on a cig. Maybe they were those new toxin free organic cigarettes.

The whole fatty theme around Johnny Sacs family is a scream. You know he's a true Italian because even though his wife and daughter both resemble water buffalo he is concerned about them not eating enough. “Mangia, Mangia, Ven Grande!”, as my own grandmother used to say.

Overall, this one of the best episodes in memory and certainly the best this season. Next week, look for Vito to be pushing up more than his share of daisies, and (keep your fingers crossed), maybe the return of the ultimate hit-man Furio to do in the Mayor of Munchkinland.

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