Tuesday, April 25, 2006

American Idol - Who's the best??

Who's the best? It's really tough to decide this year. The only one left that should go is Kelly Pickler, the calaaamarrri girl. She can sing, but only country seems to work for her and this is a pop idol contest.

Who do I want to win? Well if I were to judge solely on the fact that when Katharine McPhee is singing steam starts coming out of my ears and the sound of AHHHHOOOGAAAAAH can be heard for miles away, then well..


My ears tell me that Elliot Yamin should win. He's got the most amazing tone and he always sings the most difficult songs. He's just kind of well, non-idol looking. But the stylists seem to be working their magic and each week he magically looks a little better.

I don't know. Any of them but Kelly could win. Chris Daughrty is damn good, but I think Elliot's vocal tone gets the edge. Chris, though, already looks and acts like a star. Taylor Hicks has soul and charisma but I think that ultimately his limited range and gray hair will do him in. Paris is just too good of an actor. She's sixteen or seventeen but when she sings you think you are listening to some old soul. It's too strange for the average viewer. I love her though. Anyway that's my two cents. O yah.. Simon sucks.

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