Saturday, September 03, 2005


Donate to the RED CROSS and Help The Victims of the Hurricane

Hurricanes need to be named more accurately. Katrina somehow makes me think of a Russian ballerina flitting prettily across the meadow. They should have names like "Bone Crusher" or "Clubber".

For the last couple of days I find myself having sudden sensations of breathlessness. I have to consciously take a breath to alleviate the feeling. I thought that it cold be asthma, so I took a couple of puffs on my inhaler. But the feeling didn't go away. I realize now that it's a case of post-hurricane stress syndrome. Watching on TV the images of all those poor, sick, suffering people with no one coming to their rescue has really taken a toll on me. You see them on your screen, you want to help, you want our government to help, but nothing happens. You think, "this is the United States, where are the helicopters? "

I read this morning that the people at the Civic Center are starting finally to be rescued. I hope that we take good care of them when this is all over. I really fear that we won't. It's the United States, we are capitalists, and the poor must fend for themselves.

I remember watching a documentary about Chernobyl. The Soviet Union ordered every bus within in the region to the city to evacuate the people. The whole place was emptied within a matter of hours. In New Orleans, one had to have a working automobile and money for gas to get out. That means one had to be a member of the middle class. Once again the poor were left behind.

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  1. I have been feeling the same - some sense of "I want to do something and where is the help!" I have such a sense of worry for their future - all of those people. I don't want to watch because it hurts - but part of me can't stop watching because it is looking for some kind of hope for these people. I feel so fortunate and so overwhelmed at the same time. I don't want these people to be let down by the country that is supposed to support and protect them. I also keep wishing I had the means to dontate more than I can but also to do something more than donate. It doesn't seem enough...