Wednesday, September 14, 2005

At Least 160 Die in Iraq al-Qaida Bombings

Al-Qaida and its philosophy is beyond anything I am able to comprehend. How on earth do they think that they are justified in their actions? Today's happenings have filled me with a simmering anger. Today they suicide bombed like never before. This particular one makes me exceptionally sick:

In what was believed to be a new tactic, the bomber set off the explosive after calling the construction and other workers to his small van and enticing them with promises of employment, a witness said. At least 112 people were killed and more than 200 were wounded, according to Health Ministry officials. Twisted hulks of vehicles blocked the bloodstained main street in Kazimiyah's Oruba Square.

In this particular incident we have a couple of hundred guys looking for a way to make a little money so that maybe they can afford to buy enough food for their families this week. One may have been hoping to make a dollar or two moving a pile of gravel, or putting on a mud roof. He may have already been waiting for a couple of hours that morning almost ready to give up, ready to return home penniless once again. He may have secretly longed for the days when Saddam ruled the country, at least then he had steady work.

Suddenly, down the drive appeared a small van. It stopped. A smiling Iraqi man rolled down his window and said something to the nearest worker. He became very animated and called everyone to the van. "He says he can keep us all working for a week, digging a foundation for a new refinery." Filled with joy, our Iraqi man quickly makes his way over to the van along with the 111 other hopefuls.

As they all gather, perhaps the man driving the van starts explaining to them how much they will be paid per day and exactly what it will involve. Stragglers inch closer to the van window to hear the details. The driver speaks very quietly, so that to hear they must get very close to the open window. Then mid-sentence, the Iraqi driver reaches in his pocket, pulls out a cigarette and pulls the lighter from the dashboard. None of the men realize that the lighter is attached to a wire which is attached to a detonating device. This device, within milliseconds of the tiny electrical charge initiated by the removal of the cigarette lighter, sends 100 watts of power surging through 500 lbs. of crude explosive strapped to 10 old Soviet artillery shells. All these explosives are in the back of the van covered by an old blanket. Our Iraqi worker hears a sizzling noise, a deafening explosion, and he realizes that he no longer has limbs. He sees blood flowing out of the area where his left leg used be attached to his torso. He rolls on the ground for a few seconds. He's gone.

At Least 160 Die in Iraq al-Qaida Bombings - Yahoo! News

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