Monday, September 05, 2005

The Angry Inch

What happened in New Orleans is nothing more than sad. I am not in the mood to criticize or place blame. It's just sad.

Gas is at $3.00 a gallon now, but I don't think it stopped anyone from driving today, at least not in the Bay Area. I drove from Palo Alto to Angels Camp this afternoon. Normally leaving at 3 P.M. relegates one to driving at a snail's pace until you hit Escalon. But being that it was Labor Day, heading east in the afternoon meant free sailing all the way. But heading west, from Manteca to the Livermore, there was a line of cars that appeared to be moving no faster than 2 mph. As I rambled down the highway, screaming to my Hedwig CD, I rejoiced in my freedom to cruise along at 80 mph. Watching the other cars in the opposite lane plod along, gave me a crazy sort of joy. "Six inches forward, and five inches back, I got... I got my angry inch..."

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