Friday, January 18, 2008

American Idol - The Path to Broadway Fame

American Idol has really become quite a vehicle for launching Broadway careers for a number of graduates of the ubiquitous reality TV series. Who'd a' thunk that ClayAiken, the quintessential nerd, from Season 2 would be starring in Spamalot! Apparently, he is very funny and is doing a great job with the role. I have such mixed feelings about this phenomenon. I have friends that have worked their butts off to get to New York and a couple who have been able to make it on Broadway. But it's taken raw talent and unstoppable work ethic coupled with desire and drive. It's fun to see these "idols" make it but it also seems a little unfair. But hey, what's fair anyway, not much. So, rock on you idols, and may The Lady of the Lake bless you on your quests. What a weird world we live in...more

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