Monday, December 31, 2007

San Jose Mercury Top 10 Theatre List of 2007

The San Jose Mercury has picked it's top 10 list for 2007s Bay Area theatre scene.

Here's the list with my comments...

“Pillowman” (Berkeley Rep)... I missed this but I heard it was just amazing.
“Sweeney Todd” (ACT)... I saw this and it was wonderful except for the character of the Judge having been watered down.
“Anna Bella Eema” (Crowded Fire)
“Argonautika” (Berkeley Rep)
“Tings Dey Happen” (The Marsh)
“Man and Superman” (Cal Shakes)
“Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” (Best of Broadway)... I saw this. I sat in the front row and was blown away. Stunning performances.
“Avenue Q” (Best of Broadway)
“Kiki and Herb’’ (ACT)
“Blackbird” (ACT).. I loved it. Some of the critics thought it was awful.
“Angels 2” (City Lights)... congratulations to City Lights! It's great to see a small theatre on the list. This was a wonderful show.

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