Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Well it looks like there is a good review coming soon for Sweeney. Read all about it here on Talkin' Broadway.

It's great to have a couple of days off from the show. Saturday I start rehearsals for 4 short plays I will be directing at The Pear Avenue Theatre.
It's called Pear Slices II. We have a very active playwrights group at The Pear and eitght of the authors have written 8 short plays. Another director is staging the other 4 works.

Today I am going to go visit my 95 year old grandmother who lives up in Gold Country. Her name is Santina and her parents arrived in San Francisco from Berceto, Italy at the turn of the last century. She's a wonderful person and my hero.


  1. wooo! great about the show and what Talkin Broadway will say!

    You go mister director! I can't wait to see what you do with the plays :)

    drive safe :)


  2. Ha, I'm not the only one to have blogged about this show. :)