Sunday, February 27, 2005

The 77th Oscar Awards

My Thoughts on The OSCARS
  • All right, I don't get it. What's the big deal about Clint Eastwood? He's fine as an actor I suppose. But why does everyone call him a genius? Even he looks confused when they do it. I suppose they could all just be kissing butt. I remember a few years ago it was the in thing to call Warren Beatty a genius.
  • Jamie Foxx has got a lot of heart. I like that guy.
  • Hillary Swank, what's with the plumber butt crack dress? Not that I minded it, mind you. From the front she looked like a nun, from the back she looked like well...heaven.
  • Why did Beyonce get to sing every damn song? Not that I minded, mind you. And the make up!! She looked like the M.C. in Cabaret.
  • Why does Antonio Banderas seem to get to do so much fun stuff? And what's with his hair? Is he trying to "out ugly" his wife?
  • Yo Yo Ma seemed to be crying after playing the tribute music during the ode to all the fallen celebs. Now he's a genius!
  • Chris Rock did much better than I expected. But I still wish he could have let loose. I think the Oscars should move to HBO so that our government will let Chris Rock say nasty things.
  • Sean Penne looked like he put a bowl on his head and cut around it this morning. And Sean, lighten up, man!! Chris Rock is a comic. He makes jokes. He was making jokes!!
  • Was Dustin Hoffman drunk? Methinks so.
  • What about the poor saps who had to accept their awards while seated in row 65? What was with that?

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  1. HAAAAAAAAAA Butt crack plumber dress!!!!!!

    She looked all matronly from the front..but whoa! When she turned around...

    I can't believe you neglected CHARLIZE THERON!!!!!!!! HELLO?