Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Three Tall Women" at The Pear

Edward Albee, one of our greatest playwrights, wrote perhaps his most biographical play in "Three Tall Women" showing at The Pear Avenue Theatre through November 18th. The play features three strong actors - Monica Cappuccini, Rebecca J. Ennals, and Diane Tasca. The play is written in two acts. The first act features Diane Tasca as the semi-senile character of "A" who reminisces about her life, her loves, her losses, and her sexual ups and downs. Apparently she is a reincarnation of Albee's real mother. The other two actresses play her caretaker (Monica Cappuccini) and her lawyer (Rebecca J. Ennals).

In Act II the two, helpers become younger versions of "A" and we see them struggle with what they are to become as it is reflected back to them by "A". There is much sardonic whit and humor written into this script. Albee's insights into the mind of his mother is remarkable and disturbing.

This play could have been done more comically, however, because of the sensibilities of the actors it seemed to lean more toward the dark and sardonic. The performances from all three were excellent and Tasca's ability to play a 90 something woman were a joy to watch.

Plays through November 18th.
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