Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Amazing Ed Alonzo - "The Misfit of Magic"

Today I took my kids and our French exchange student to Great America Theme Park in Santa Clara, CA. After riding about six different roller coasters and feeling thoroughly ill, my four year liked the idea of sitting in a cool theater to watch a magic show, so I jumped at the chance. My other son and our student continued riding the various head banging loop-dee-loops while me and the little guy headed over to the theater as quickly as his little legs would travel.

I figured we would see some kind of high school student wanna-be magician, but boy was I wrong. We were treated to a fantastic 40 minute show by a guy named Ed Alonzo. What a great performer he is! He sort of looks like a cross between Kramer on Seinfeld and Mandy Patinkin. Yes, he is mostly a magician, but his routine is filled with fantastic stand-up and a lot of very subtle but blue jokes that went way over the heads of the 200 or so teens and kids in the audience. I laughed my ass off, to the stares of a couple gang-bangers and a teeny boppers to my left. I didn't care, the man is fantastic. This show was worth the hefty admission price alone. I guess Great America must pay pretty well when they see real talent, because he has committed his entire July and August to the place.

So, if you happen to be going the Great America this month, skip some of the rides and make sure you catch this show. You will be very happy you did.

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