Sunday, April 15, 2007

Amnesiacs at City Lights, War and Remembrance at A.C.T. and Nostalgia at AMTSJ

This week I saw three very different shows at three theatres. The first was After the War at A.C.T. in the beautiful Geary Theatre. The set is constructed as a three story building that spins on a turntable to reveal various rooms and staircases in a boarding house. The thing is huge and it creaks as it turns. The actors were able to continue acting as it turned. It was quite a wonderful piece of stage work.

I also saw a free pre-view of Smokey Joe's Cafe at AMTSJ. James Monroe-Iglehart was wonderful, especially when he danced. I always loving seeing him dance. He's a large powerful man who looks like he should be on the front line of the 49ers, not a musical stage. But then when it's time for him to bust some moves, he's amazing!

And...last night I saw Voluntary Amnesia a City Lights in San Jose. What a fantastic show it was! Nichole Hamilton's direction and the excellent acting all around made this thoroughly challenging and enjoyable. Some of the comic character acting was just wild. It was great to see a brand new face to the bay area theatre scene, Lia Fischer from Chicago, bring her expert comedy to the stage. I hope we see a lot of her in the future.

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