Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nice review for "The Baltimore Waltz"

Here is the link from the San Mateo County Times.



Pear Avenue Theatre's unusual 'Baltimore Waltz' eases grief with laughs
By Keith Kreitman, CONTRIBUTOR
Article Last Updated:11/21/2006 02:40:10 AM PST

SOME plays, on first viewing, are bewildering but so entertaining that only after they are completed, do you reflect upon them and get the point.

The point in "The Baltimore Waltz," now at the Pear Avenue Theatre in Mountain View, is that there are multiple ways of dealing with the loss of loved ones.

Why Baltimore and why waltz, you ask? Well, Baltimore is playwright Vogel's hometown, where the action takes place, and the waltz represents the "dance of death," she, an elementary school teacher, and her beloved, AIDS-stricken librarian brother, Carl, dance it to the very end.

But this isn't a sad memorial to Vogel's lost brother. It is as quirky as you can get, very funny, erotic and upbeat.

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