Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Horizontal Waltz - Directing Journal Vol. 3

The Baltimore Waltz is a very funny play and a very touching play and it also has a soft porn scene. In reading it the first time, the scene just seemed funny and amusing, but having to choreograph all the moves involved was something I wasn't quite ready for. I got a taste of what blue move director must consider run of the mill. I found it difficult to tell the actors such things as, "could you please thrust more with your hips, rather than your shoulders?" It's very hard work for the actors. Both of them finished the blocking sequence looking like they had just run a few miles.

One of my biggest challenges right now is that the set designer is out of town, on a cruise, and I am having some blocking problems because of the positions of the flats. We only have them marked with tape right now, and it's difficult to see where the actual playing space will be in the upstage area.

Overall, I am very pleased with the rehearsals. Tonight we have our designer run through which means that the people involved with providing lights, sound, costumes and props will be there. It's always a nervous time for actors, because it 's usually the first time that strangers see them perform a show that's only half finished.

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