Friday, September 08, 2006

The Kill

The Kill
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We went to Acapulco for vacation. Having watched many bullfights on TV as a child, I decided to go see one in person. I can see now why they are on longer on television in the U.S. This is great stuff for animal cruelty people to get very upset about. What you are seeing here as the Matador getting ready to impale the bull with a sword. He puts it in between the animal's front shoulder blades. It then cuts some artery I think. The bull hobbles around for another minute or so and then drops dead. As he is going to his knees the matador puts out his hand as if he were directing the animal to kneel before him. If the bull doesn't die instantly at this point, another guy runs up with a little knife and stabs it into the spinal column at the back of the skull. The these keystone cop kind of guys run out with a couple of donkeys and drag the dead bull away. They do this with much energy and yelping.

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