Thursday, May 25, 2006

America's New Idol - The King of the Soul Patrol

Well, I was wrong. Katherine McPhee didn't get the votes. I guess America likes the underdog so Taylor is your new Idol winner. I kind of like the idea that a guy with gray hair, a little ponch who's pushing thirty years old won. But, Katharine's the money girl. She's going to have a big career in front of her. Like my friend Diana DeGarmo. I predict she'll become a Broadway star.

The highlight of the show was most certainly Dionne Warwick's appearance with
Burt Bacharach - two living legends of American popular music.

For me, American Idol comes close to bringing back one of the genres of TV that I grew up with and watched constantly - the Variety Show. Programs like the Carol Burnett Show, Jackie Gleason, Andy Williams, Donny and Marie, Flip Wilson, and on and on.. were programs that helped me escape for hours and hours as a kid. That's probably why I really like this crazy piece of fluff so much. It kind of brings me back to those days of innocence - to a time, when for the hour that the program was on, you could forget the world and just laugh and listen and watch nice people singing nice songs.


  1. Wow. Dionne's appearance never changes.

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