Thursday, August 04, 2005

I'm Living in My Own Private Brigadoon

Today I am thinking about Iraq and Afghanistan and what we are doing over there. At some point someone is going to have to say "enough." This so reminds me of Viet Nam and we all know how that turned out. One of the things that I learned as Political Science/History major is that countries never learn from their mistakes. They always repeat them. It's really sad. We humans are so stupid in so many ways.

It's ironic that the U.S., the leader of the free world, is also the most destructive and war driven society that exists on our planet. With one hand we can feed the poor, aid psunami victims, and fight for civil rights and with the other hand we can drop nuclear bombs, fire bombs, and cluster bombs that maim and kill children. It's so strange, so confusing. And we always believe that God is behind our actions. God help us.

No wonder most ancient cultures have some form of their own Brigadoon. We need a place to dream of where people are united toward a common cause of love and peace. Maybe if we only believe enough, one day the world will become like Brigadoon. We can only hope.

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